Frequently Asked Questions


1- I am interested in aromatherapy certification. Do I need to get Level 1 first? Does the 250-hour program include Level 1 and Level 2?

You can go straight to level 2, all of level 1 is included in it. Level 1 is offered by itself for those that are interested in a personal aromatherapy education and do not plan to incorporate it in a clinical setting.


2- After I complete your 250 hour professional program how can I get Level 3 NAHA certificate?

Level 3 aromatherapists are level 2's that have completed a year of verifiable clinic training or practice. For Level 3, graduate the Level 2 course and apply to NAHA and then practice your clinic hours for a year.


3- After I complete the professional program how can I apply to NAHA and AIA?

I am not a member of AIA, however our certificate is acceptable for the Professional Membership requirement if you’re interested in being a member of AIA.

We are affiliated with NAHA. You can take the certificate and sign up for membership at NAHA website as we are listed as an approved course of study.


4- After completion of the Level 2 professional course can I apply to ARC (Aromatherapy Registry Council) for the exam for registered aromatherapist?


Yes, after graduation and getting your NAHA membership, you can apply to ARC as we are an approved NAHA school and are in compliance.