Get Certified In Aromatherapy

Our certification is a professional-level, 50 or 250 hour weighted class designed for those looking for thorough personal knowledge or those looking to work in a clinical environment. Once finished with this thorough training, you can advance your own integrative healthcare vocation or start out as an aromatherapist or herbalist in a clinical setting. 

While many schools cost thousands of dollars, Depravi Teas Apothecary keeps costs low by providing everything in digital form and listing only a few items for the student to pick up on their own. By just these two cost-costing differences, instead of thousands out of pocket, you're able to study for a greatly reduced tuition fee. 

What the Course Involves
Good for the lay person or for the professional in need of a deeper well-rounded understanding of aromatherapy, this certification course can help in day-to-day household uses, as well as learning how to set up client care for therapeutic applications. 

Great for massage therapists, yoga therapists, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, Reiki masters and anyone who wants to deepen their practice by incorporating evidence-based aromatherapy or herbalism in their practice. 

Wonderful for those wanting a more in-depth class than what they can find on many of the online course platforms, we break down everything in easy to learn modules. 

All course offerings and assignments are written by NAHA Level 3 certified clinical aromatherapist Tina Samuels, owner of Depravi Teas Apothecary. Bringing a unique blend of herbalism and aromatherapy to her practice, Ms. Samuels meshes together both modalities into one that combines a more holistic, natural methodology she calls AromaBotanical Therapy. The certification course is approved by NAHA (The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists) 

Students can enroll at any time, as all coursework is online and available to anyone with an internet connection. Videos, text files, and other references are given. While you are able to work at your own speed, certificates are given only if completed within one year of sign up. If you want to complete the course after 12 months, an additional certificate fee of $50 will be assessed. 

Students will be asked to be a part of the Facebook group for students, for easier access to one on one support and for group guidance. 

Learning Aromatherapy at such a good level (250 hrs) was my wish, and now I can afford it. Thank you! -Krisztina 

I am enjoying this and learning so much!!! - Teresa

Beginner (50 Hr) Certification


This starter certification is great for those interested in becoming a Level One Aromatherapist; those wanting a better knowledge of the modality but not ready for the intensive immersion course.

After course completion, you are able to apply for Level 1 status with NAHA.

Professional (250Hr) Certification


The professional certification is designed for those already in a holistic field such as massage or yoga and want to enhance their practice or those that want a Level Two Aromatherapy course for a clinical degree of education.

After course completion, you're able to apply for Level 2 membership to NAHA and also meet the standards for AIA Professional Membership.

The Depravi Teas Apothecary Certification Programs

  • Online distance learning
  • One on One support training with NAHA backed educator
  • Student connections with real time Q&A on Facebook Group
  • In depth, follows NAHA guidelines for training certification

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More About the Certificate Course


All online classes have a non-refundable tuition that is made on signup. This tuition is good for one year from the date of signup. Should the student fail to complete the assignments and course final, a reinstatement fee of $50 will be assessed in order to finish and receive the certificate.

Supplies for the course are an additional expense over and beyond the course tuition. It is up to the student to secure these supplies.

A certificate will only be given if the student is paid up and all assignments have been turned in, along with a final exam that has been passed.

Tina Samuels and Depravi Teas Apothecary are not at fault for any adverse reactions or from problems arising from the assignments. Essential oils are highly concentrated and care should be given. Some people are allergic or sensitive to certain oils. Always use care and caution when working with them.


Upon enrollment, the student agrees to be bound by the terms and understands that violation of these terms will result in expulsion from the course.

Level 1 & Level 2 NAHA Approved

Verified as an Approved Aromatherapy School by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists